New music from Jonny Vibe.

For a limited time you can download a  shit load of new music from Jonny Vibe and Daniel Martinez!!

“Jonny Vibe pays attention to the smallest of details. His attention to detail was part of the reason I wanted him involved with the radio show. When Jonny joined Future Sound, 6 or 7 years ago, he already had several tracks ready for the dance floor. Constantly making music, his methodic (at times obsessive) attention to detail, makes for some really dynamic techno!

Over the years Jonny has remained impervious to the fleeting trends of edm, while absorbing the good and filtering out the crap. He has proven himself an accomplished DJ and has cultivated a definitive style that remains true to his original  vision. Jonny  loves both “hard” and “minimal” extremes of the techno spectrum and it’s  apparent in the ambient elements, driving beats and complex progressions of his music.” Chad