Blood on the Dance Floor, Future Sound’s Top 3 HALLOWEEN songs!!

Number 3: Current 93 “Faust”

This 36 minute track is as dark as they come. It will definitely KILL ANY DANCE FLOOR! And not in the good metaphoric sense-it will literally drive people from the dance floor with it’s sheer satanic, evil, beat-less drone.

Frontman David Tibet’s unironic ode to the Devil and the Faustian story, is a great example of post 90’s ambient noir. Unapologetically evil sounding. A constant wave of unrecognizable whispering, spooky choral music and low frequency sludge.

The CD insert opens with the quote from Satan, “all the kingdoms of the world will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.” The insert also includes a short story by Eric, Count Stenbock, an influential poet of the macabre who led a somewhat tragic life.

Adding to the song’s unmitigated satanic-cred., is the fact that the band’s name is itself a reference to Victorian alchemist, Aleister Crowley, dubbed  by the early British press “the world’s wickedest man.” On a scale of 1 to 10 in the spookiest song category, this one is a 666!

Here are the first 10 minutes:


Number 2:Kid 606 “Mr. Wobbles Nightmare”

A bassy rework of 4 Hero’s rave classic “Mr Kirk’s Nightmare.” Re-imagined here in the video as axe wielding fruit with a slightly darker ending. A cautionary tale of a parent’s worst nightmare and a true Halloween classic.


Number 1: Ministry “Everyday is Halloween”

This particular song has haunted frontman Al Jourgensen ever since he decided to butch up his sound with guitars and ditch the dancey synth pop and James Brown samples. Never the less, this song remains a holiday favorite and anthem for people who choose to dress for Halloween 365 days a year, or as we like to call them-Portlanders.

Bassnectar ‘Divergent Spectrum’ Album Review

If you’re not familiar with Bassnectar, it might be easy within the first few minutes of his eighth studio release ‘Divergent Spectrum’, to dismiss it as ‘just another run of the mill dub step album’. Wrong. Just about the time you are sneaking that last bottle of beer from your room-mates shelf in the fridge, and giving the tracks to your dj friend, Bassnectar proves his meddle as a talented producer to stay out in front of the crowd (and reel you back in!).

Gypsy punk has suddenly started blaring from your speakers, taking the place of bass lines and syncopated beats. ‘What the hell?’ you chime to yourself, hurrying back to your room to figure out what went wrong with your PC THIS time. Before you can move the hourglass on the screen, you freeze as Gogol Bordello’s chorus does the same—‘We’re coming rougher every tiiiiiiiiime’……BOOM! A huge fuzzy wuzzy sub and stomping kick suddenly compel your neck to bob repeatedly as you absorb this forward thinking remix of GB’s ‘Immigraniada’(not to mention deliriously spilling the last of the beer).

Left with an eagerness for more nectar, you head out into the streets of sound to see what else this album has to offer. You run into a few tracks you swear you’ve met before saying, “Don’t I know you?” but they sneak off into the night before you can question them further. Leaning against a light post to catch your breath, the song ‘Raging Stereophonic’ appears on the sidewalk. With it’s breathy beat boxing, hip swaying rhythm and sultry come hither synths, you find you’ve forgotten your exhaustion and are hypnotized by this tune that has ‘classic’ written all over it. Soon stepping over the familiar threshold of home, ‘After Thought’ guides you towards the couch, massaging your temples with the sweetness of its glitch laced lullaby. Just before you dive deeper into the land of music and dreams, your roommate abruptly enters the house. ‘I need a drink!” he declares, unknowingly splashing through the puddle left by his only beer. Bassnectar whispers in your ear, ‘Quick! Out the back door!’ using the sweet sounds of ‘Disintegration’ to guide you safely into the cool, starry night and bringing the album to a close.

‘Divergent Spectrum’? Get it.

By JBGrindley