Blood on the Dance Floor, Future Sound’s Top 3 HALLOWEEN songs!!

Current 93 Faust

Number 3: Current 93 “Faust”

This 36 minute track is as dark as they come. It will definitely KILL ANY DANCE FLOOR! And not in the good metaphoric sense-it will literally drive people from the dance floor with it’s sheer satanic, evil, beat-less drone.

Frontman David Tibet’s unironic ode to the Devil and the Faustian story, is a great example of post 90’s ambient noir. Unapologetically evil sounding. A constant wave of unrecognizable whispering, spooky choral music and low frequency sludge.

The CD insert opens with the quote from Satan, “all the kingdoms of the world will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.” The insert also includes a short story by Eric, Count Stenbock, an influential poet of the macabre who led a somewhat tragic life.

Adding to the song’s unmitigated satanic-cred., is the fact that the band’s name is itself a reference to Victorian alchemist, Aleister Crowley, dubbed  by the early British press “the world’s wickedest man.” On a scale of 1 to 10 in the spookiest song category, this one is a 666!

Here are the first 10 minutes:


Number 2:Kid 606 “Mr. Wobbles Nightmare”

A bassy rework of 4 Hero’s rave classic “Mr Kirk’s Nightmare.” Re-imagined here in the video as axe wielding fruit with a slightly darker ending. A cautionary tale of a parent’s worst nightmare and a true Halloween classic.


Number 1: Ministry “Everyday is Halloween”

This particular song has haunted frontman Al Jourgensen ever since he decided to butch up his sound with guitars and ditch the dancey synth pop and James Brown samples. Never the less, this song remains a holiday favorite and anthem for people who choose to dress for Halloween 365 days a year, or as we like to call them-Portlanders.

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